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Kubussen op transport

Posted ago in Project News

Morgen is het zo ver. Morgen gaan de kubussen op transport naar China. Of eigenlijk gaan ze vandaag, want ik schrijf dit om half 2 's nachts. Vandaag gaan ze dus op transport naar China. 10 LED kubussen verpakt in 2 grote dozen!

First impression of the LED Cube

Posted ago

Our first cube has been assembled and the result is quite astonishing already! The electronical part of the cube works perfectly and our only work will be fixing a bug in the Raspberry Pi's. 

Hard work

Posted ago

We are working very hard to get the cubes finished on time. All the orders have been placed and we are now assembling the components into cubes. If you want to help you can come over and help us soldering and other stuff.

ThExpat came by!

Posted ago in Project News

We got the attention of some local press here lately, and today a website for expats in The Hague called ThExpat came by, to create a small video item about our project and tommorow someone from a local newspaper called the "Haagse Courant" will interview some of us to create an article covering our project.