We've arrived in China!

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Hello everyone! Finally, after months of preparations, we are now here in China to present the result of our work ! I will post on this blog daily updates on what's happening and give you an overview of the progression we've made. Let me begin by, in short, explain how the trip to China was and how we got the hotel.

Taking off from Amsterdam we all realized this was going to be a record for all of us, since neither of us had been in a plane for more than 8 hours, let alone 13 ! Luckily the plane had lots of entertainment possibilites on board to deprive us of our much needed sleep. Landing and collecting bagage in Guangzhou all went without problems, but stepping out in the open world, breathing the Chinese air, you suddenly realize: I understand nothing of what I am reading right now. Luckily there was an English speaking reception to help us get a taxi and Chinese sim-cards as well, and we all agreed: The service they provided was very nice, but we're sure we got ripped off. We all knew it, but it was fine, since the taxi was perfect and the sim-cards worked instantly. We THOUGHT the taxi was perfect....  After 30 minutes the taxi dropped us off at the She & He hotel, the exact name of where we would be staying, and with confidence showed our reservation to the clerk. The guy instantly was shaking his head, 'nononononono' and handed me his phone. A woman talked to me on the other end and said to get to some other metro station and walk from there. Thank you, dear taxi driver, for taking us to the wrong hotel. No worries, we had the address of the RIGHT hotel and thanks to Jasper's GPS we could find the nearest metro station and figure out the rest there. Since the metro system is very, and i mean, VERY well organized, we found the right station and method of travel (OV chip card in a coin) immediately. We enjoyed  standing in a overly crowded metro cart and most of all noticed the attention we were getting. Probably a combination of the fact that we're European, and that these 5 guys are all taller than the tallest person around. Out of the metro system and back into the fresh air, we quickly found the right place and after some room changing and discussion, got to see our place of stay. Divided up in three rooms we're staying on the 15th and 16th floor, enjoying the great view from which we call 'Helios mobile command center'. 

This picture was taken today, the 2nd of November, but of course, everything i've described above happened on the 1st. That first day concluded with shopping at a supermarket and eating at a restaurant where we had no idea what exactly we ordered, but it smelled good, tasted very good and costed almost nothing. 

Today, the 2nd of November, constisted of us working on visualisations and also, trying to check out the convention centre where we will be having our exhibition. After a long search we found it, and in the hall where we will be standing with the cubes, was now a big wedding.. the wedding of Jason Chan and FingFing Li ! Congratulations to you two !

We also got note of our schedule for the next few days: The cubes will be arriving on monday, the day the convention starts, so this weekend we can rest and on monday need to work full time (probably day and night) to set everything up and get the cubes working. We're very much looking forward to getting to know Guangzhou this weekend and mentally perparing ourselves for the hard work that is to come.

The time is almost nigh, Helios is ready to amaze! 

Until next time,

Helios 3D China Team

PS Above you can find the 'Gallery China' , all our photos we take during our trip will be there!