We're here: 9th China International Forum on SSL (Solid State Lighting)

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Today we finally got to visit the convention we came here for: The 9th China International Forum for Solid State Lighting! For this Forum, a whole floor of the convention centre has been completely dedicated to presentations about Solid State Lighting development, production and implementation. 

We are one of the lucky few to be standing there amongst giants in the SSL technology world, and we have the privilege to display our cubes at the entrance of the convention. Unfortunately, the delivery of the cubes had been delayed AGAIN, but finally at around midnight they arrived and the tedious building process could begin! With help from our ISA contacts and other Chinese volunteers we have now been working for 7 hours non-stop to get the cubes ready for the start of the new day of the conference. This is of utmost importance, since we got word that the Dutch ambassador of China will be here too! We're all very much looking forward to that meeting and to the opening ceremony that will be held in roughly two hours. 

I won't make this post any longer, since all hands are needed to finish in time. Wish us luck and in the next post you'll read all about today and how everything worked out.

Till next time,

Helios 3D China Team