2nd & 3rd day!

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Dear reader! It has been a quiet weekend so far, all of us taking our rest like we hoped we could. Tomorrow will be the big day; we'll get to see the parcels we sent here!

The second and third day here in Guangzhou have been relatively relaxed, especially the second day when we all needed to get the jetlag out of our system. On that day we also continued programming the visuals for the cube, and we continued with that yesterday and today. Also, yesterday (3rd day), we decided to explore the city by night and walked over 10km to wherever the road would take us. One moment we saw the biggest skyscrapers, the next a busy highway and later we would find ourselves in some small stereotypical Chinese street you see in the movies. We must have been a once-in-a-lifetime sight to see, since everybody stared at us like we came from a different planet. Even though we were strangers there, everyone was very friendly and open to sell us fake iphones or get us to eat at their restaurant. Having walked through there we all really felt like we saw the REAL, old, Guangzhou, and 200 meters further away we ate at a VERY good restaurant. Using a Dutch-Chinese phrasebook we asked for the food we thought would be acceptable, but the acceptable turned into AMAZING. The food tasted so rich and fresh, it's too bad the restaurant is such a long way from our hotel, otherwise we would probably eat there every day. The owner wanted to take a picture of us and in return we wanted to take a picture with him! 

Today, the 4th day, programming of the visuals was the main objective. We're still working on them now, and we'll have them ready for tomorrow to test on the cubes. We have to be at the convention centre at 1:00 PM... wish us luck!

Also, don't forget to check out the gallery for more pictures!

Till next time,

Helios 3D China Team