ThExpat came by!

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We got the attention of some local press here lately, and today a website for expats in The Hague called ThExpat came by, to create a small video item about our project and tommorow someone from a local newspaper called the "Haagse Courant" will interview some of us to create an article covering our project.

The video report will be online in about two weeks, and we got some nice footage of our prototype. We had just finished a circuit which could drive our LED cube prototype partly, and Kian has been asked some questions about the project, so we have some nice footage for the video report. Our project is also on another local news website, and we will be guests at a talkshow there too, in about three weeks.

All those people show great interest and are really nice, and we hope it will be picked up by the larger news suppliers, when we're ready to present the final cube.