The team originates from the Electrotechnische Vereeniging, the study association of Electrical Engineering of the Delft University of Technology. In February 2012, a few students found a competition to build a huge multicolor LED cube against other universities across the world. Here in Delft, we quickly arranged a team to start building it. The Electrotechnische Vereeniging built a similar LED cube of 8 cubic metres in 2006 to celebrate their anniversary and set a world record at that time. This association and the team currently work closely together for this event.

The competition is the idea of the Internation Solid State Lightning Aliance, which has big support from all players in the solid state lightning industry (for example, Philips and major tech-universities). Our funding comes largely from this organization. This project is also heavily supported by the Delft University of Technology, where we have our own office and workplace. Also, some professors are helping us with contacts in China and sometimes advice.

Building a LED cube/display

The idea of this competition is to build a huge LED cube/display. It actually doesn't need to be really in a cube form, but the volume should be at least 8m^3, and there should be at least 32x32x16 pixels. This means at least 16384 LEDs, in three dimensions.

Take a look at this example video, to get a bigger picture of what we're actually building.

Team Members

Our team is growing fast, and consists of people from all disciplines. This is required to build a cube that not only works, but is also stable and includes some creative animations.

  Faculty Role
Wieger IJntema Electrical Engineering Team Captain
Michel Jansen Electrical Engineering Secretary
Claudio Lazo Electrical Engineering Treasurer
Erik Wouters Electrical Engineering  
Reinoud Baker Electrical Engineering  
Reinout Getreuer Electrical Engineering  
Lucas van Dijk Electrical Engineering Webmaster
Richard Spijkers Electrical Engineering  
Adriaan Taal Electrical Engineering  
Jasper Abbink Computer Science Chief Software Engineer
Michiel Haisma Computer Science  
Ivar Luiten Technology, Policy and Management Internal coördinator
Jori Corbié Technology, Policy and Management Internal coördinator
Kian van der Enden Applied Sciences  
Benjamin Vervliet Applied Sciences  
Niek van Stijn Mechanical Engineering  
Nelleke van der Steen Mechanical Engineering  

We can always use new people! If you want to help us, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.